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By utilizing our years of experience, Control System Associates has developed several products for your industry. We make several products that make your rigs work more efficiently.

Emergency Control System

PLC control systems offer a lot of versatility with the simplicity of a single small control cable to the drill floor. Most of the time they are very reliable but there are many ways a PLC can suddenly stop working. Communication cable problems, loss of power to the driller’s console and PLC failures are examples of the PLC’s unreliability.

Load Share Interface Card (CSALSI)

The purpose of the Load Share card is to provide a means of allowing proportional load share of different size engine/generator sets running together on a Ross Hill type system.

The normal way a Ross Hill type system provides load share of different size engine/generator sets is by different CT ratios with corresponding meter scales.

The CSALSI card installs in about an hour and requires no change of CT's or meter scales.

Automatic KVAR Adjuster

The purpose of the Automatic KVAR Adjuster is to provide the rig with a balanced generator power system while maintaining the main buss at 600 volts.

One of the most common problems plaguing today’s electric drilling rig is premature power limit brought on by an unbalanced generator supply. If the on-line generators are not balanced to provide equal power, the result is a circulating current between them, thus robbing the rig of usable power. When a generator is put on-line the final step is to balance the KVARs by adjusting the voltage of any or all generators that are on-line. This is a manual requirement and the responsibility of the person putting the generator on-line. Either the person does not fulfill this requirement or does not understand how to do it properly. The Automatic KVAR Adjuster relieves the manual KVAR adjustment responsibility of the rig personnel.

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